Today, I had every foster/adoptive parent’s nightmare – getting a visit from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, because I had been accused of child abuse. Someone called the child abuse hotline to say that there was a child in my home in handcuffs and shackles. What they didn’t explain to the child abuse hotline wasContinue reading “Tightrope”

To Look After Orphans

Several years ago I began hearing this over and over again – “I can’t believe you don’t know Michelle Kelley!” I heard it so many times, I finally said, “Would someone please introduce me to this Michelle Kelley person?” So, we met via Facebook, and we’ve been soul sisters ever since. At the time weContinue reading “To Look After Orphans”

New Facebook page

So many of you have kindly followed this blog and reached out to me on Facebook, that I created a new Facebook page just for those who are interested in becoming foster/adoptive parents or are interested in advocating for foster/adoption and mental health care.  I’ll share shorter and more frequent posts there about our dailyContinue reading “New Facebook page”


UPDATE: The makers of this lovely film are making Removed Part Two and need your help in getting it funded. Please view, donate & share! I woke up this morning to this lovely short film in my inbox. A sweet friend, who has devoted her professional life to therapeutic foster care issues, sent it alongContinue reading “ReMoved”

Merry, Merry!

This time last year, my now 11-year-old was in the midst of a meltdown that would land her a few days later in the Reactive Attachment Disorder unit at our local psychiatric hospital, where she would stay until August. So, this year, thanks to remarkable therapists, psychiatrists, teachers, family, friends and people we don’t evenContinue reading “Merry, Merry!”

Nine Fun Facts About My Adoption

A friend asked me to participate in the latest Facebook thing which is “tell us (some number) fun facts about your pregnancy/adoption.” I tossed off a few things thinking nothing of it, and had a huge response. So, I’m posting them here as well. It occurs to me they give a bit of context aboutContinue reading “Nine Fun Facts About My Adoption”


Yesterday, the kids, the dogs and I (no husband, or bonus boy – that’s another story) drove to my sister’s house, where we had a ridiculously traditional Thanksgiving celebration with my mom, siblings, aunt, cousins, and everyone’s respective spouses. There was turkey, dog-walking, cards and football. It was a gorgeous Oklahoma day. Growing up IContinue reading “Connected”