Ten Year Testimony

My friend, Chelsea, is the real deal. I’m sharing her ten year testimony because my family, like hers, is rife with alcoholism. I hope that her testimony helps others to know they are not alone. None of us are alone.

Life: Part 2

name is Chelsea Levo Feary. I am a
recovering alcoholic. On September 21,
2019, I am celebrating ten years of sobriety and this is my testimony.

story has a beginning and that is where I will start. I was born on September 29, 1975, to Michele
(Mickie) and Chuck Levo in Miami, OK. I
was their first and only child. Before
me or as I refer to it as “BC” – Before Chelsea – the two Southern California
beach kids met during their college years while working at Disneyland. My mother was born into a traditional
Catholic family of two parents and four kids, while my dad was born into a
broken home of a working father, an older brother, and sister, and a mother who
left them and returned from time to time.
Both of my parents had their family baggage.

may say people aren’t born…

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